Richard Hedges

Hello, my name is Richard Hedges,

I strive every day to show people that leaders are not born but rather made. By showing others to be mindful of those around them and to act with conviction. As a living example, I joined the Army as a misguided youth and was forged into a successful leader over a 16 year career. That provided me the opportunity to be mentored by some this nation’s top military leaders.

Upon retiring from the Army to work in the private sector as an accountant. I soon realized that the same quality of mentorship was vastly lacking in the private sector. After helping a client and now friend through some organizational issues in their company I was reacquainted with my purpose. To help others learn to become their own leader and develop the next generations of leaders. By living the simple motto that the quality of a leader is not seen in their own accomplishment but in the quality of the leaders that come in their wake.