4 Replies to “New Ideas? Are they better?”

  1. New ideas give a prospective so therefore break linear thinking patterns. Giving way to inovation and creativity which is never bad. So it can stand to reason new ideas hold an advantage.

    1. Justin,
      There is merit to your thought processes. However, i would argue that being new means untested and unproven. In todays highly competitive business market “new” is a marketing fad to gain attention based on unknown innovation whether or not innovative at all. One must evaluate the merits of the clams of new, so they do not miss out on market trends, however they avoid the traps.
      As a leader one has to be careful not to chase new, it shows weakness and self doubt. When it comes to leadership there really hasn’t been many innovations. Just “Be, Know, Do” be cautious of those that sell policy and procedures solutions to leadership.

  2. I don’t think new ideas are always better, but I do think in order to be continually improving you need to regularly assess your methods and most importantly your results.

    I also think that being open to new ideas and encouraging or encentivizing employees to share them is a great idea. It not only provides ideas from different perspectives in the organization, but also gives employees a sense of ownership.

    1. I agree with your comment Scott, thanks for commenting. Each new idea should be brought to the table for evaluation. Not every new idea or technique should be just a blank check for change, the effects could increase or decrease business significantly.

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