About Us

Our Approach

What good is a business without leadership? Our company was founded to help others find their organizational culture, team, and leaders. By showing others that leaders are made not born, we teach these businesses how to create an organization that develops its own leaders from within.

Let us show you how to leave the inefficient confines of micro managers and bosses. To create a culture that polices its self and develops its own leaders.

We are former US Army Non Commissioned Officers that have been forged into successful leaders by a time honored and proven system. Bottom up leadership that creates a culture through mentorship not policy. Focusing on developing those below them, rather than competing with those around them. Where the organizational standards and morals are taught through the actions of leaders not left solely to hand out pamphlets and binders.

Our speakers and mentors have attended some of the premier leadership schools that the military has to offer. But more importantly has succeeded in implementing these lessons into successful careers as leaders at many levels from small teams to large organizations. We have also spent a considerable amount of time teaching multi service and multinational courses from leadership academies to technical skilled courses.

Secure Solutions & Design is service-disabled, veteran-owned and operated business.